In the field of education, perhaps more than in any other sector of the economy, politics are substituted for analysis.
George Psacharopoulos, Greek education economist (1996)


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Before the list of my own things, here's a terribly important data-rich source for the researcher studying the history of education in South Africa. It is Buckland and Fielden's "Public expenditure on education in South Africa", a 1994 World Bank report which seems available nowhere else as an e-copy. I got it scanned many years ago when I was working with RTI International. Note, it is large (29 MB).

2019. "What youths do and what their highest qualification is: Patterns in the 2017 General Household Survey". A presentation prepared for a YANDiSA training event held at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg. Excel file available here.

2019. "Pursuing education imperatives of the NDP and SDGs What are the opportunities and pitfalls we face in building censal and sample-based monitoring of learning outcomes at primary level?". My presentation to students at Treasury's Winter School on public economics of 2019.

2019. "The scope and limitations for school principal action: What the local and global evidence point towards". A presentation made at the conference of Gauteng Province branch of the South African School Principals Association (SAPA) in May 2019.

2019. "TIMSS, SACMEQ and PIRLS: Data issues". A short technical guide to understanding holistically the South Africa trends in these programmes.

2018. "Costs and benefits of different approaches to measuring the learning proficiency of students (SDG Indicator 4.1.1)". A report I produced for UNESCO Institute for Statistics.

2018. "Review (from a policy perspective) of the book The politics and governance of basic education: A tale of two South African provinces". A review of a recently published book.

2018. "What the household data say about participation in ECD institutions". A short report on what numbers one should and should not trust when it comes to participation in pre-school.

2018. "Treating Schools to a new administration: Evidence of the impact of better practices in the system-level administration of schools". After many iterations, over many years, this work, done with my colleague Stephen Taylor, is now in the Journal of African Economies. E-mail me if you don't have access to the journal.

2018. "Standardised testing and examinations at the primary level: Current thinking and practices". A paper I put together to help me and others understand some of the politics and technicalities between standardised testing in South Africa and around the world.

2018. "An overview of education policy 2007-2017". An early version of what would become a book chapter.

2018. "Understanding the sharp primary level enrolment increases beginning in 2011". A paper on enrolment and birth trends we did not expect to see.

2018. "Worldwide inequality and poverty in cognitive results: Cross-sectional evidence and time-based trends". A RISE working paper produced with Luis Crouch, long-time colleague and mentor.

2018. "Joining the dots: why education is key to preserving the planet". A review of an interesting book.

2017. "Legislation and progress in basic education in South Africa" and "Have Grade 12 outcomes become more equitable between 2002 and 2016?", two reports of mine which fed into a consolidated report by Servaas van der Berg and myself found here, which in turn fed into a larger report found here.

2017. "Rotten apples or just apples and pears? Understanding patterns consistent with cheating in international test data". A paper analysing SACMEQ data, produced with my colleague Carol Nuga Deliwe.

2017. "Comparing data tells a story about the unusual birth surge in 2004". Article in Business Day. Locally saved PDF available here and the version before a few edits I didn't approve of (!) is available here. In 2018 the full analysis behind this article was accepted, with some changes, in the Department of Basic Education's newly launched journal Basic Education Matters. The paper before changes can be found here.

2016. "Understanding trends in high-level achievement in Grade 12 mathematics and physical science". This was produced for the Department of Basic Education.

2016. "Teacher supply and the quality of schooling in South Africa. Patterns over space and time". This and the next paper produced for Presidency's PSPPD initiative.

2016. "Treating schools to a new administration: Evidence from South Africa of the impact of better practices in the system-level administration of schools". A reworked and expanded version of a 2013 paper, co-author Stephen Taylor.

2016. "The uphill battle of establishing accurate performance trends for schools". Article in City Press (online version only). Locally saved PDF available here.

2016. "Education trends point to notable improvements being made". Article in Business Day. Locally saved PDF available here.

2015. "Higher education policy challenges". Opinion piece in a newsletter of Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA). Locally saved PDF available here.

2015. Slide presentation "School administration and student assessment: A comparative analysis using SACMEQ data". Presented together with Carol Nuga Deliwe at the SACHES conference in Bloemfontein in October 2015. This is work-in-progress, leading partly towards Carol's Masters dissertation (for which I am a co-supervisor). A journal article is also planned.

2015. "An incomplete, misleading picture: Friedman makes a mistake in lending credence to economist Ricardo Hausmann's hypothesis on 'education myth'". Letter to the editor published in Business Day. Locally saved PDF available here.

2015. "Huge benefits from GEC". Article in Pretoria News, written with Carol Nuga Deliwe.

2015. Slide presentation "Realities versus data noise: Comparing ANA across years, and to Grade 12 results and levels of poverty". Presented at an Umalusi conference in Pretoria in June 2015. Locally saved PowerPoint available here.

2015. "Enrolment ratios and related puzzles in developing countries: Approaches for interrogating the data drawing from the case of South Africa". Article published in International Journal of Educational Development (2015: 42: pp. 63-72). A very much expanded version of my 2012 enrolments and population working paper. E-mail me if you don't have access to journal.

2015. "Measuring pupils' progress can drive economic growth". Article in Business Day. Someone else chose the title, which I think takes my argument too far, but this happens when you publish in newspapers! Locally saved PDF available here.

2014. Slide presentation "Mapping South Africa’s internal migration patterns in the 1999 to 2013 period using school enrolment data". Presented at the DataFirst conference in Cape Town in September 2014.

2014. My PhD dissertation, titled "Education and country growth models". The MS Word versions of Part I, Part II and Part III also available. The 'growth simulator' Excel tool that accompanies Part I can be downloaded here.

2014. Slide presentation "The human capital model and the role of education policies". An example of a series of talking slideshows I'm developing for my students at Wits University. The original PowerPoint file is available here, the script here, and a guide on how to put together this kind of talking slideshow is available here.

2013. "Treating schools to a new administration: The impact of South Africa's 2005 boundary changes on school performance". Paper co-written with Stephen Taylor.

2013. Stata .do file with tips and tricks for producing maps with schools in Stata. Additional files needed to do the work can be found here.

2013. "Martin's Excel training exercises". Excel file with Excel tips and tricks applied in an education planning context.

2012. "The gap between school enrolments and population in South Africa: Analysis of the possible explanations". Graph data are available here and a slide presentation is found here.

2012. "All textbooks deserve attention". Article in the Mail&Guardian.

2012. Slide presentation "The use and abuse of indicators". Used during training conducted in the Department of Basic Education, Pretoria. The file is 4.3MB in size because it includes some slides with audio. A couple of videos with the lecture is available here.

2012. Excel VBA-enhanced tool: "Tool for long-range educator cost projections". Uses inputs on educator categories, salary notches, demographic trends, attrition and joining patterns to project the cost of educators to a country over the longer term and trends in key indicators such as teacher pay relative to GDP per capita. If you use this tool or have any inputs on it, please let me know.

2011. "The when and how of leaving school: The policy implications of new evidence on secondary schooling in South Africa".

2011. "More countries, similar results. A nonlinear programming approach to normalising test scores needed for growth regressions". The Excel file for this paper can be found here. A later version of this paper is published in the journal Studies in Economics and Econometrics (2013: 37: 2: pp. 93-111).

2011. "Thermometer, pill, placebo or virus: The ongoing debate on when to use standardised assessments and how.". Work-in-progress paper co-written with Qetelo Moloi and presented at 2011 Kenton Education Conference in Cape Town.

2011. Slide presentation "Economics of education: Where is this thing coming from?". Used during training conducted at the School of Education, Wits University, Johannesburg.

2010. Slide presentation "Characterising the South African education system". Presented to the International Academy of Education group in Stellenbosch, September 2010.

2010. "The costs of illiteracy in South Africa". Paper co-written with Servaas van der Berg, Debra Shepherd and Cobus Burger. This paper is referenced in Patrinos and Psacharopoulos's "Education: Past, present and future global challenges".

2010. "South Africa’s economics of education: A stocktaking and an agenda for the way forward". Paper co-written with Thabo Mabogoane. A later version of this paper is published in the journal Development Southern Africa (2012: 29: 3: pp. 351-364).

2010. "Policy note on pre-primary schooling: An empirical contribution to the 2009 Medium Term Strategic Framework".

2010. Presentación "¿Qué nos puede enseñar una comparación entre países en cuanto a las inversiones educativas?". Utilizada en una clase en INCAE, San José de Costa Rica.

2009. "Managing the teacher pay system: What the local and international data are telling us". Paper co-written with Firoz Patel.

2009. "At last, a real test of quality". Article in the Mail&Guardian co-written with Thabo Mabogoane.

2008. "What we can learn from a comparison of the schooling systems of South Africa and Argentina". Paper co-written with Alejandro Morduchowicz.

2008. "Using the hierarchical linear model to understand school production in South Africa". A more polished version of this paper is published in the journal South African Journal of Economics (2007: 75: 1: pp. 84-98). That journal article was considered to be amongst the 79 most useful articles from developing countries in the period 1990 to 2010 focussing on linkages between school factors and learning outcomes, according to Glewwe, Hanushek, Humpage and Ravina's "School resources and educational outcomes in developing countries: A review of the literature from 1990 to 2010"

2008. "The labour market significance of the new Grade 9 certificate". Paper co-written with Andrew Bartlett. Locally saved PDF available here.

2007. Slide presentation "The financial implications of meeting government targets". Input made at an education policy workshop.

2007. "Educación y cohesión social". Paper escrito con Luis Crouch y Amber Gove. Una versión más limpia fue publicada como capítulo en Schwartzman y Cox (eds., 2009), "Políticas educativas y cohesión social en América Latina". Santiago: Uqbar Editores. Uma versão em Português está disponível aqui.

2006. "School production modelling to strengthen government monitoring programmes in developing countries". Thesis submitted for a Masters degree.

2006. "Measuring educational inequality in South Africa and Peru". Paper co-written with Luis Crouch and Pablo Lavado and published as a book chapter in Holsinger and Jacob (eds., 2008), "Inequality in education: Comparative and international perspectives". Hong Kong: Springer.

2006. "Undoing the apartheid legacy: Pro-poor spending shifts in the South African public school system". Paper co-written with Firoz Patel and published in the journal Perspectives in Education (2006: 24: 2: pp. 65-77). E-mail me if you don't have access to journal.

2006. "Financing vocational education and training in South Africa". Paper Paper co-written with Pundy Pillay. A more polished version of this paper is published as a book chapter in Maclean and Wilson (eds., 2009), "International handbook of education for the changing world of work" (Springer).